Petani Sebagai Panggilan Iman

  • Ferdinand Zet Sorongan Universitas Kristen Indonesia Tomohon
Keywords: Jobs, Farmer, Call Faith


In generaly people who lives in the village, theirs livehood is as farmer. But, there is a part of
them is a trade (economics) wish as a secondary job from non fram. Fram is an ordinary
experienced problem In social life not spiritual problem. In other words, from often was place
beyond of theological discussion beyond talking about God. Farmers in regions were not done
the job whole heartedly to work hard and not aware that the job wich done as a farmer is a His
old called to glory to the God. And also priest perform as servant is not Preaching on the
rostrum but give motivations, urqe and want to work together without neqlect of the duty as a
To analyse the work of farmer as a call faith. To analyse the cause fectors of farmer when still
survive on their job to analsye the perceived impact by the farmer when the job was not
considered as a call faith. From the research result was found, that the farmer’s understanding
about the job was done all this time had done so long time and become main job in sufficient
family needs. Evidently the Experienced work of the farmer as a call faith was answered by
work hard, which is starting from plant nursery, cleaning, maintanance and processing and
while not harvest, they looking for another jobs. But on the contrary the perceive impact of the
farmer when the job was not considered as a call faith, they are not fully to work hard
wholeheartedly and earnestly for glory to God.